Ain’t no party like a Morris party...

Well That’s Christmas and New Years done for another year. 

We've had a great time, inspite of Chris struggling to shake his pleurisy and I’m still on antibiotics for the Tonsillitis and laryngitis I went down with on the Paris trip on 15th December, inspite and despite those two small factors we had a wonderful time. 

When I think of some of our friends and family that have had the worst year of their lives this year, with the loss of loved ones or horrendous news about their health a bit of a cough and cold pales into insignificance.  

So I’ll take my wins where I can, this Christmas I lost 5lb, but gained so much more. I spent it with my beautiful boys, my gorgeous husband, my lovely parents and our amazing, incredible, wonderful friends. What more could anyone want. 

Christmas Eve we visited my best friend Michelle and her family. It was really lovely to exchange pressies and catch up with Maria (Michelle’s sister in law) and her hubs, Martyn, they live in Dubai and I love seeing them whenever they come over. 

And then Christmas Day itself. Chris and the boys spoilt me rotten bless them, I would say they shouldn’t have but who doesn’t love to be spoilt at Christmas time...


Dress from The White Company (Ironic I know), tights from Tesco, Shoes from Louboutin. (Bit of a tip, never spend too much on tights that you’re only going to cut a hole in anyway. Doesn’t seem much point to it to me)

Despite it just being the six of us for Christmas, us four and my mum and dad I still like to get dolled up.  

This dress is so comfy. I bought it a few weeks back and hadn’t gotten round to wearing it. But it was perfect for Christmas Day. I didn’t want anything restrictive, not because I planned to eat too much, far from it in fact. When it feels like you have giant swords in your throat eating lots doesn’t really appeal. Hahahahaha. It’s just a really easy to wear, cosy dress. 

I wore it with my trusty tights with a hole cut in them for free flow of output and I was good to go.  

I’m very spoilt, Chris cooks about once a year and it’s Christmas Day that he does it, and this Christmas Sam helped him too. They even cleared up too, How lucky am I! I’m very grateful to them and appreciate it very much.  

It was a wonderful day, I was back in my pj’s by about 4 in the afternoon but I can’t in all honesty say that I wouldn’t have done that without the throat infection. I like pyjamas, pyjama’s are life ;)  

Boxing Day (another bank holiday day after Christmas Day) was spent at ours with friends.  

Boxing day is the easiest day food wise. Cold meat and pickles, absolute heaven. It’s my fave after curry. (We had it served at our marriage vow renewal a few years back too, it suits summer and winter alike). 

I set the dress code for Boxing Day,  yes I think it needed a dress code hahahah, I set it as ‘whatever you like’ and in Kim’s case ‘what ever fits you after popping out twins’. 


Top from The White Company, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Valentino.  


Absolute heaven with this lot. Friends really are the family you choose yourself, Boxing Day with them is perfect - fab friends, cold meat, mashed potatoes and pickles. Bliss. 

I have a feeling I put my pj’s on quite early on Boxing Day too. I think we can just assume I did.  ;) 

I found some super comfy ones in Victoria Secrets a couple of weeks back when I was in London. Some pj’s end up being massive on the legs because I need the waistband to be very roomy for my stoma and comfort for my hernia too. But these ones from VS have a cuffed leg, so although the waistband is bigger than I really need the leg width is perfect.  

How did we spend in between Christmas and new year? this mostly... 


Chris, Sam and Ben all work in construction, which shuts down for Christmas. So it’s absolutely wonderful as they are all home. Usually we’d be out and about meeting up with friends and family, or shopping. But this year was slightly different. With the worst throat infection I think I’ve ever had and with every gland in my body up, and the ones in my neck so swollen it hurts to turn my head and Chris getting over pleurisy we just had some very chilled days indoors.  

That said we did go to the cinema on Saturday. Chris loves the cinema - I don’t. But one of his gifts from me was a handmade voucher for a trip to the cinema, I know I’m generous to a fault. 

It’s not that I dislike films, I just get very anxious that my stoma might decide to make noise (as it does at times, without warning or regard for my dignity) during a quiet part of the film. I’m at peace with having a stoma, I’m not at peace however with noisy, uncontrollable expulsions of air.  

But off we went to the Everyman cinema in Chelmsford, it was very pleasant. You sit on settee’s and you can order food and drinks to your seat, it’s all very swanky. Not sure that would be enough to lure me back again but you never know, a new year and new me!?

Sat through Star Wars I did. Hahahahah.  

New Years Eve we went to my best friend Michelle’s party, her and her husbands parties are off the chart! Seriously amazing. They hire a company that transforms their house completely, book incredible Dj’s and this one they had the most impressive fireworks display I’ve ever seen. Some of them turned the sky into gold glitter for as far as the eye could see. amazing. But the very best thing about the party was being able to see the new year in with Michelle and all her family. 

I adore both Michelle and Mike’s extended family. My Sam calls one of Michelle’s sisters Auntie Gina, which she loves. 

It was such a great night, we wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world, despite feeling grotty still, (I’m now on my second lot of antibiotics, fingers crossed these will sort it all out). 

We stayed to see the new year in and kiss and hug all our faves!

A whole new fresh year that’s ours to do with as we want. We have some exciting times ahead of us so bring it on 2018!  


Top from Vivienne Westwood, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from LK Bennet.


You may have noticed my Christmas decs are all tidied away. I put mine up early but I like them down early too.  


Me and my man.



Me and my Gina...hahahah



With the glorious Lucie. 

Me and Miss Elle... 

Me and Miss Elle... 


Now it’s only a guess but I have a feeling Rose used a filter on this, hahahaha.  Rose always looks beautiful but I don’t usually look so cutesy. Don’t you just wish real life faces could have filters all the time?! Hahahaha. 

Much hugging was done and much love shared.  

New Year’s Day we invited a group of friends for brunch, it was our first hosting of brunch and I’ve got to be honest I bloody loved it. Any meal and friends combo is a winner in my book.  



Brunch started at 10.30am and finished about 7.30pm. As indeed the best brunches should. :)  


Bel looking deep into my soul, hahahahah, luckily she doesn’t have to far too look. ;) 

Dress from Tesco, Tights from Tesco, Boots from Hobbs.  


I wish only good things to you and yours for 2018. I’m not going to make any personal resolutions, after all every day’s a new day for starting fresh, but I wish you well with yours. 

                  Happy New Year!  


Me and my girls :)