...and breathe...

Well it's been a tricky few weeks. The pain I've been suffering from has almost rendered me unable to think and function properly, not because the pain was unbearable, but because of what the pain could represent. 

I'm very positive in my day to day general life but for one thing, my health, and my loved ones health. Our experience of late diagnosis and brush off's by the medical profession have understandably left deep emotional scars and anxiety.  

For the most part I can push all those fears to the back of my mind. But if I'm in pain my ability to do that wains.  

I have been having an awful lot of abdominal pain for a number of weeks. I left it a little while to see if it would subside but it didn't.  

I took the decision to go back to my bowel surgeon and find out what on earth was going on. A scary step because let's face it, no one wants to hear bad news.  

Anyway long story short, and cutting out the drama my CT scan has come back all clear. I'm very very lucky as I have private medical cover. I was able to ask about other organs that might be causing the pain and my surgeon very kindly and generously took me through the scan results organ by organ and showing me they were all all clear. 

I can't tell you what a relief it is. I have no words. I know I'm very lucky and believe me when I say I'm incredibly grateful. 

His best guess is that I suffered from a bout of severe IBS brought on by stress (Anyone that knows me knows I usually poo poo IBS diagnoses (if you'll pardon the pun) but in this case, when all other avenues have been checked then yes, I'm willing to concede that I did indeed have a nasty case of the notorious IBS). 

He's given me some ideas of medications that can be bought over the counter that can help settle any future bouts (god forbid) . 

He also suggested I take up some relaxation and de stressing activity. With the interesting suggestion that I should take up alcohol again hahahahaha. An interesting prescription for sure! 

It's my one year sober-versary next month, I'm not thinking of breaking my self imposed exile from the drink any time soon. But I should and will find another way to relax asap. 

I'm hoping that the long term health benefits of not drinking are out weighing the obvious relaxation benefits of drinking.   :) 

I'm going to go back to my yoga, which I did enjoy. And I'm going to chill, safe in the knowledge that my innards are all good. 



We went out to celebrate last night.  

I'm so grateful to Chris and the boys for their unending support. We're the 4 musketeers. We are each other's rocks. We're beyond blessed.  

Top from Whistles, Jeans from Topshop, Shoes from Jimmy Choo