The show must go on...

The weekend kicked off with a fantastic night out Friday. We had a work dinner for Chris's job. We're very lucky as Chris works for an amazing company that feels like family. Not sure if it's what everyone has but to us its normal.

We went to a Michelin Starred restaurant in Cambridge, now first I need to explain, I love food, in general in copious amounts but I'm embarrassed to say that for the most part my palette must have stopped developing at about the age of 12 because my favourite food is Birds Eye fish fingers (I'm not sure if they have them anywhere but the uk?), that said I do love Indian curry and Chinese but I'm not a gastronome, So Michelin stars tend to make me a tad apprehensive. But as ever I'm grateful for the opportunity and experience so I threw myself into enjoying the night.

It really was a fantastic night, so good to catch up with everyone, and the food was amazing as it turned out.

We'd been having a very pleasant start to the summer, the weather has been wonderful. Friday  however the heavens opened and it was like monsoon season and such prolonged thunder and lightening I was beginning to think about heading for the arc...I should have been wearing galoshes!! But due to an unfortunate incident on the Thursday night (Chris came home from a business trip and left his suitcase in the middle of the hallway floor, which I hadn't noticed until I walked into it in the dark, breaking a toe in the process....I'll save your blushes and leave you to fill in the blanks of what I said.

Toe throbbing, all I could do was strap it up and wear a pair of sandals. They didn't really suit the weather but never mind, the show must go on.

8 courses later and some two in the morning we come home via our local town and picked the boys up from their night out, there's something very odd about your children growing up and having nights out in pubs and clubs. It made me feel quite old, for two very good reasons, 1, I am old and 2 it was two in the morning and I was exhausted, I felt like I was 104 not 44.

I was pleased however that my bag stood up to such a prolonged evening of food. I hadn't realised that it would be such a long period of eating. It can be nerve wracking to go out to restaurants to eat anyway but with so much food over such a long period it's even more scary a prospect. Adding extra sticky tapes to the stoma bag can really ease the fear of leaking or pancaking.

Coat from Moncler, Dress from The White Stuff, Shoes from Ferragamo, Bag From Chanel, Micropore tape from Boots, Broken toe from Chris! ;)

These extra sticky pads can give untold amounts of confidence on a night out. They add just a little extra layer to the bags adesive part. Buying you extra time before possible leaks occur, they are well worth having in your stoma bag store cupboard.

Saturday morning Chris and I went for a lovely brunch. I'm finding wearing dresses is so much more pleasant than tight clothing. I've always favoured summer and summery clothes but since having my stoma it really is the easiest season and as long as the weather isn't too hot and sticky, you're laughing.

This dress hits the mark on every level as an ostomite. It has a good pattern for camouflaging, it has a belt to detract from the outline of the bag and it's fitted enough to give shape, rather than feeling you have to wear a baggy old bin sack to cover up.

Dress Ralph Lauren, Shoes Ferragamo.

We were having a wonderful weekend, until we woke up sunday to find that yet again murderous criminals (let's not give them the glory they yearn by calling them anything else, they are after all murderous scum.) had struck.

I am so sorry for the loss of the innocent people that died in the attack and I wish the injured a very speedy recovery. I will again be going to lay flowers this weekend. You see us Brits stick together and when bad things happen we stick together even more. I saw this quote and it sums up everything I /we feel in one simple paragraph.



On a far happier note,  after an epically long 3 day labour and a rather dramatic delivery my amazing friend Kim finally gave birth to her twins. I'm beyond excited at their arrival. Kim must be made of very tough stuff as there's no way I could have gone through what she went through, she's positively superhuman!

Introducing Kim and Matt's beautiful daughters, Isabel and Megan. 

Could I be any more smitten! I'm in absolute heaven - all covered in babies!  :)


Wishing Matt, Kim, Abigail and Louis all the best and all love in the world with their new additions. Isabel and Megan are absolutely adorable!