Twin set and pearls...

Monday night was really very special for us. Our friends are due to have their twins any second, so I decided to throw an impromptu dinner party/baby shower for Matt and Kim (having been to Kim's baby shower a few weeks back I'm intrigued by them).

Ok so dinner for 10 is not the most usual theme for a baby shower but I find a bit of bunting and cake adds a certain magical something to any night.

I set about making it a Wednesday Curry Club to remember for Kim as it'll be her last for a while (Wednesday curry club is what we call our gatherings, it's often not a curry, and no longer held solely on wednesdays but I don't think it takes a genius to work out the origins of our little group's get togethers.

I got all dolled up (I like to make an effort even if it's only a home event) and I set about making the dining room look cute. 

Notice the two high chairs at the end of the table in preparation for our latest members, they will arrive by next wednesday so it's getting really very exciting!

Not every great night has to be out and about, entertaining at home is the friend of the ostomite that's for sure, there is no better location for a meal with friends than in the comfort of your own home....and believe me the cooking here isn't up to much so they don't come for the cusisne.

Dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, Shoes from Jimmy Choo. Modesty bralet over my bra from Calvin Klein. I love wrap dresses but they do tend to gape at the bust a little. I love the comfort that you get with this DVF dress, it's so stretchy and cosy, it feels fabulous and hopefully looks nice too but I appreciate that's subjective.

My house, my choice of dinner absolute all time favourite meal (apart from curry) is Boxing Day Lunch. (Not sure what anyone else does on Boxing Day but in our house it's cold turkey, gammon and salt beef, served with mashed potatoes, peas and a variety of pickles and condiments. Branston pickle and Piccalilli are a must!).

It became abundantly clear that although Kim is amazing at growing two babies at once she is the worst cutter of cake on the planet, no matter what her mum thinks... hahahahahaah


Just as a footnote Kim, if you could name one of the babies Pearl it would really make the title of this blog fit! hahahahahaha All the best my darling friend. We can't wait to meet the lil' Kim's. 




Monday night we were having a fantastic night at home here in Essex.

Lots of people were having a wonderful time at a pop concert in Manchester too, then at 10.30 a deranged, callous, homicidal maniac  criminal walked in and destroyed human life but not our humanity. The loss to the innocent families is incomprehensible. A pain that will never leave them. The murdered and maimed have my deepest sympathy. 

These murders were savage and senseless, to intentionally harm children is beyond our comprehension.

I saw this quote this morning and it struck me as fitting and comforting, as much by its author as the words.