Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...


Not often, but occasionally I think back to when my oncology surgeon broke it to me that I had cancer and that part of my survival depended on having a permanent colostomy, as well as the Chemo and radiotherapy.  

I was horrified, terrified and most of all completely convinced that if I were lucky enough to survive (and yes, it's seems to come down to luck when all is said and done) I'd never be able to live a full life again.  

Well that turned out to be a tad melodramatic of me because nothing, literally nothing could be further from the truth!

I love my life, I give thanks for it everyday. And I truly live it to the full! 

I love my body too, weird huh! You've seen it right? Hahahahahah But I'm so amazed at how clever it was to repair itself and recover from everything it went through. I accept the way I look, bag and all, even that holds a fascination with me. I mean think about it, because of a plastic bag stuck on with an adhesive pad I get to live!! That's pretty amazing to my mind. 

Anyway on to my weekend, my friend Kim had suggested we go on a Christmas wreath making course a while back and I jumped at the chance...it was only after I had paid for it that I remembered I'm terrible at arts and crafts, I mean off the chart bad...seriously just ask my mum!

So it was with some trepidation I went off with Kim on Saturday morning to a little tiny village in deepest darkest Essex. 

Jo, our wreath instructor extraordinaire was absolutely amazing! And her mum was pretty darn great too filling us with home made nibbles and mince pies. In all honesty it'd have been worth going for the food alone.   

Jo started by showing us how to attach the moss to the wire frame and as I watched her skilfully cover the ring my heart sank. But that only lasted a matter of minutes because as it turns out whether I'm any good at it or not I absolutely loved making it. From the feel of the moss to being so absorbed in what you're doing you don't notice the world around you. It was heaven.   

It was also quite eye opening too, because if I do say so myself my wreath turned out beautifully. I came out of Jo's class buzzing! I said to Kim this must be how she feels all the time -  hahahahahahahahahah (Kim has a very healthy self esteem). 



Top from Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Topshop...Grin from personal triumph and satisfaction. Hahahahahah 


I've got to be honest, I'm pretty obsessed with it. It's my first ever arts and crafting success. I've enquired about more classes too! :)  


My boys were both very impressed, well they didn't gush about it or anything but Ben asked how much of it I'd made myself and when I said 100% he said "oh, right"...praise indeed! Hahahahahah...and Sam was especially complimentary that I'd thought outside the box with the feather and dried fruit combo. 

Saturday night Chris and I went up to London to meet Sam and Milly as they'd treated themselves to a pre Christmas pressie to each other and were staying up there for the weekend.  

We did a little shopping on Oxford street first and then met them in Hakkasan (a rather lovely restaurant that we only go to for special occasions and treats).  



I love this top. It did have to be dry cleaned this week as I did my usual wearing the food as much as eating the food.  


Top Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Russell and Bromley. Notice I had to get the wreath in the photo... :)  



And off to London we go... 

...it's magical this time of year. Everything looks beautiful, some of the roof tops have fake snow pumping out over London. Heaven absolute heaven. 


And who doesn't love all the lights... 


Selfridges never fails to impress...  

Hakkasan was amazing, I did take food photos but they never look as good as in real life do they. 


Me, Milly and Sam. Ben sadly was feeling too delicate from the night befores work do to come. (Must have been a good night seeing as he doesn't drink either).  

And then Sunday rocks up, I was laying in bed texting with Kim and she sent me a snow photo...somewhat confused I asked her when it was and she said right now!  

I'd been down to let the dog out at 7 and it was peeing down with rain. But sure enough snow came to visit us.  

I'm obsessed with snow, literally obsessed, so much so I go on the family ski holiday to Austria but I can't ski!! I just wander around in the snow and drink hot chocolate up mountains.  



Our house and garden never look more beautiful than when it snows. It tidies it right up. ;)  


And as it turns out I'm improved no end by a dusting of snow on the camera lense, bearing in mind I'd just rolled out of bed, no make up, not even brushed my hair or teeth by this point...don't eeeeeewwwwww yet, I went back and got ready for the day properly when Pepper and I got back from our walk. Chris had the shower running and a fire lit, he might not come and play out in it but at least he sorted me out when I got back. :) 

Our dear friends were coming over for lunch, I say were because they couldn't get to us, if you live in the U.K. you'll know we live in an incredible country but we just can't do weather.  

Snowed in and cosy now, Chris, Ben, (Ben's friend James) and I settled down and played board games (Ben's favourite) or as I like to call the bored games (I bloody hate monopoly, but what can you do), ate copious amounts of food and watched box sets. Do weekends get better than that? 

Ben's friend James heroically cycled round, yes, cycled through 5 inches of snow to help eat the roast turkey and roast gammon and trimmings and to play board games too! I wouldn't recommend cycling in snow but I did appreciate the effort he made to come over, I didn't however enjoy his collusion with Ben during monopoly to cheat me out of rent owed! ;)   


The things I do for love, besides it's coming up to Christmas so I'm hoping for a big pressie off of him!  

With the roads at a stand still due to the inclement weather, Sam had to stay the night at my mum and dad's house as he couldn't get back to us from London.  

On Monday schools stayed shut and businesses closed up early. We literally can't do weather...you'd think we'd be used to it by now, it's certainly changeable...


Saturday...and then Sunday... 

Like I said I really do make the most of life, my gratitude list is lonnnnnnnnng.