Chilly and Chilled...

It's been a chilly and chilled out few days for me, the obvious highlight being the engagement of Harry and Meghan, Although the Brioche french toast I had at brunch on Sunday morning would be hard to top. But I think H and M have just pipped it to the post.   

Obviously I think it's wonderful, what's not to love, two people finding each other and hoping for the best that they'll never be without each other ever again.  

So huge congrats to them.  I wish them every happiness. 

I had a relaxed few days really. Last week Kim and I took the twins to an RHS garden near Chelmsford. We didn't know but the WI had an event on decorating Christmas trees to celebrate 100 of the Women's Institute. A very sweet and twee event. 

I dressed very casually,  super casual for me. I had trainers on! Not sure why I own any really I'm not into fitness or training in any way shape or form. But my hernia has been giving me jip so as we were going for a pleasant country stroll trainers (sneakers) made sense.  

Sometimes wearing heels can add too much strain on my hernia. Don't be starting on at me telling me to get it fixed...I know, I really should but as much as people tell me how "brave" I am, I'm actually not in the slightest, I'm a big old coward who would rather put up with a hernia than have an op. Hahahahahah. See not so brave am I.  

Anyway casual Friday was lots of fun at Hyde Hall. Kim picked up loads of ideas for a Christmas Wreath workshop we're attending in a few weeks time. I didn't bother as I'm as about artistic as the twins, no, actually I think at only 6 months old they'd have more artistic ability than me. Hahahahahah. Booking on to the wreath making course seemed a good idea at the time. I might have to sit back, eat biscuits and let Kim do my one too! 


Coat from Belstaff, leggings from Topshop, trainers from Nike.  

Is there anything better than pushing a pram. I might buy one and just fill it with puppies. :) 


We had such a lovely walk. All followed by a lovely lunch.  


Friday night was spent taking my best friends daughter to her beauty parlours Christmas party, it's not some where I go to but Elle really wanted to and her mum was on holiday so she very kindly invited me ,which I was absolutely delighted about. We had a lovely evening together and despite Elle having a really heavy cold god love her she was great fun.   


Saturday I got myself all dolled up and went off to work, although technically I was only there to shop.  And then have lunch with a friend. 

Whilst at work someone from the beauty parlour I had taken Elle to on Friday night rang me to say I'd won first prize in the raffle!! A spa day for two including lunch thank you very much!! God moves in mysterious ways as they say. I could do with a spa day!



Cardigan from No.27 in Colchester, jumper from M and S, Jeans from Topshop and boots from Barbour.


I love this cardigan, no matter what my eldest thinks (he's not a fan) I think it's gorgeous! It super glam and feels fabulous on. 

Let me explain a little something about stoma's from my experience. Firstly I'm totally cool with mine, I'm happy, I'm centered and to be honest really proud of surviving such a rotten mess of a time, But, and there is a big but (and I don't mean mine!)... BUT, they are not glamorous, never in the history of man has anyone uttered that they find having one or looking at one a glamourous hobby.  There is something quite unglam out pooping from your belly. It's not that pooping in the normal way is glamourous in any way. It's just that using the toilet to go doesn't usually ruin the smooth lines of your clothes or leak...well I hope for your sake it doesn't anyway! ;) 

Therefore I like to counteract that unglamorous aspect with a bit of oomph. And what could be more oomphy than fur (fake though it may be) it can really liven an outfit up. Take what I'm wearing in the photo, jeans and a black top...add the cardigan and I feel like Cruella De'vil!! (Only sans the animal pelts! And in addition to that no Muppets were harmed during the making of this cardigan either). 

Glamour is a state of mind. But you can help it along its way. Do I feel glamourous in my tracksuit and bed socks? Well I personally don't but that's just me. 

bagged and non bagged alike If it's not something you're feeling naturally there's no harm in giving it a little nudge.  


I was hoping to be able to tell you about a deep relaxation yoga class Chris and I were meant to be attending Tuesday night. I should be posting photos of me all Zen and chilled out. But as we were leaving home our neighbour told us that someone had just pulled up at the end of our road  (it's a dead end that leads to fields) and threw a dog out of their car and driven off at high speed. 

We couldn't go off and try to relax knowing this poor dog was on the loose.. So we stayed behind and helped search for it. After I put out a post on FB loads of people came to help search for it. How lovely is that! 

Sadly we had no luck. Although I did hear it a few times in the night howling which broke my heart. What sort of filthy human excrement would abandon a defensless animal!? 

I resumed my search for him just before daylight yesterday morning as did my neighbours, actually they were out in the night too. 

I saw him at 8.30am but he was too scared and ran away. I'm just hoping he'll come back as I know what to do now, as some amazing volunteer dog rescue ladies showed up to help in the search. He'll be getting hot gravy and meat later.  

Hoping by some miracle he works out we're only trying to help him. I can't imagine he's ever experienced kindness in his life. 

How could anyone do this I have no idea, I have no words. On the upside (if there is one) the people in the village and surrounding area have been incredible, really really incredible. They have come out in their droves in the cold and today snow, which proves that there is far more good in this world than evil. 

There's been no sightings of him (I named him Mowgli) today but I still have hope he'll show up. Wouldn't it be heaven if someone has taken him in and he was curled up in front of a fireplace, having had a big plate of sausages. xxx

It appears I'm going to be in great need of the spa break after all this stress and upset. I'm devastated for the poor thing.