In Bruges...

We're squeezing the pips out of every day but especially every weekend.  

Friday saw us celebrating our eldest son's 21st birthday. Like me he is a fellow cancer survivor and although that doesn't make him any more important or beloved than our youngest son it is indeed a landmark birthday that we feared may never come. Therefore we are truly blessed as a family that we are all still here, intact (for the most part). Which is why we love being together and having fun together. 

Friday nights birthday celebrations were spent with my best friend Michelle and her gorgeous family, as her youngest son was born on my Sam's 2nd birthday. She always reminds me of the day she rang from the hospital to tell me all about Max's birth where she asked me what special day it was and I replied "awwww, Ben's 6 weeks old today!!" And she promptly reminded me it was Sam's actual birthday. Hahahahahah, what can I say, I blame it on baby brain but I'm still forgetful 21 years later so I think it's just Suzy brain! ;) 



He screamed like this 23 hours a day for 2's amazing we kept him really! :)  

He is one of my most favourite people in the world, he's funny, kind, and motivated. What more could a mum ask for. 


Ben and the 2 birthday boys, Max and Sam. 

I chose my outfit for Friday for ease of the day. I worked in the store of the company I run the social media for and straight after I had to take our dog to my parents as we were going away for the weekend to continue Sam's birthday celebrations. 

I knew I wouldn't be able to fit everything in and get back home in time to shower and change so I dressed with a night out in mind...the whole day to night conundrum ensued.  

Thankfully I didn't spill anything down myself throughout the day (a mini miracle in itself) although a large output meant I had to add in a bag change. It's amazing how quickly you can change a bag when there's the incentive to get out on time for a delicious Chinese meal. 



Top from Dorothy Perkins, jeans from Topshop, shoes from Russell and Bromley, bag from LV.  

I love this top, I bought it last week in DP's. It's a very lightweight chiffon with an camisole attached. The double layer of fabrics is perfect for disguising any lumps and bumps caused by my bag filling up. 

I loved the embroidered detail on the sleeves and the frill on the cuffs, just enough to look glam without being too Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen like and overstated. 

I think it's fair to say that my mantra of "have bag, will travel" is something I have lived by passionately since my op 7 years ago. I've said many times that before my diagnosis my world and my existence in it had become very very small, where I was always fearful of accidents whilst out and about (before I was diagnosed with cancer I was told I had IBS and accidents were a real possibility, it made me very fearful of going anywhere new and at the latter stage fearful of going anywhere!)

Life with a bag has changed my world and my ability to play in it. Early diagnosis would have been better but failing that a bag for life is a game changer. :)  

Saturday was a super early start, up at 4am to get ready for our mini mini break. Three and a half hours later we were enjoying exploring the streets of Bruges, Belgium. It's beyond bizarre to me that travelling to Belgium was quicker to get to than our trips to Devon or Cornwall. 

It couldn't be easier, and had I known how quick and easy it was to get there I'd have gone years ago!

We're very lucky that a 35 minute train ride with your car on board and you're in a whole new country.   

Bruges is gorgeous, very pretty, very quaint and not like the film at all, definitely worth a visit.  

As I'm older and wiser now I took a selection of outfits to wear, thankfully though my stoma didn't cause any issues and my hernia only played up a little which I sorted out by having a leisurely sit down in the Dali exhibition. To other people it would have simply looked like I was enthusing over some interesting pieces of art when in fact I was wondering what the hell he was thinking creating such oddities whilst pushing my hernia back in place. ;)   Turns out Dali is not for me. 

There were 12 of us for our trip, including the baby twins. It was absolutely fantastic. The girls were so well behaved and adorable, and with 10 adults on hand to help out everyone took their turn.  



James and Micheal very kindly bought everyone either a Belgium baseball cap or bumbag (fanny pack). And as much I assumed I'd hate my bumbag I actually loved it! It's so handy. I'm going to invest in a new one...although I kept being shouted down on this because I already have one now hahahahahah. 


Kim and I rocking the fanny packs.  



I felt so at home in Bruges, I can't think why. ;)  



Even Meg and Bel loved the new bags. :)  



We made sure we gave Sam a 21st birthday to remember!  



Bruges is absolutely stunning and only 3 and a half hours door to door from Essex.  

in bruges.jpg

I have such helpful friends. They assisted me whilst I tried to get some photos for my blog, thankfully I thought to do a couple before I left the hotel hahahahahaha  



Top from Dorothy Perkins, Jeans from Topshop, Boots from Phase Eight.  

I really am!!  


Coat from Belstaf...waffle all mine...and I'd bite the hand of anyone who tried to take it from me. ;) 

The diet started yesterday, I promised myself a food hall pass for this trip but I have to get myself under control for the upcoming Christmas party season or I'll be going in a bin sack! Hahahahahah. 

I've got a couple more holidays coming up but on the whole I can eat better than I have been. It hasn't helped that we haven't had a kitchen since August due to some renovations but I think we can safely put that in the category of first world problems. ;)  

Au revoir/Tot ziens Bruges you've been amazing!