has spring sprung?...

...Not in the real world maybe, although there are a few daffodils popping up around the garden so possibly not long now. But in the world of retail fashion spring is most definitely in the air. 

I've hit the shops to see what's new and what works, (see how dedicated to gladrags readers I am, I'm putting myself on the line for you...hahahahahahahaha...I wish I was so noble, but no, my shopping trips are for purely for self serving reasons.)

There's a lot of flower prints coming in for this season ahead. From bold, exoctic florals to dainty florals on dark backgrounds.

Also, I've been singing their praises to to anyone that'll listen for some time now leather or leather look leggings are still en vogue...or in this case literally in Vogue. I happened to spy an article in Vogue Magazine last week. Now depending on your budget you might want to splash out on a pair of Joseph, Jitrois or Belstaff even, but as gorgeous as they are I think I'll stick to the ones from Next (a cool £1500 cheaper, ok so they're not leather but that's a bonus to my mind). I love a bit of designer I really do, but it has to be classic and have longevity built in, sadly, leather look leggings don't fall into that category. 

The ones from Next come in navy or black and have a lot of stretch in them, perfect for my stoma.

Create your own Vogue inspired look with a sleeveless top with ruffles (above £26 Next) or a grey knit (below £35 Marks and Spencer). These are just a couple of serving suggestions, no matter where in the world you live you should be able to find similar items, that's the great thing about clothes and fashion. Inspiration firstly doesn't set the budget and a bigger budget doesn't always guarantee success.

You're going to have to forgive the quality of photography and the subject matter, David Bailey I ain't!! I've never mastered the 'selfie' for one very good reason, this face and body should never be viewed from such a close angle or position. It should preferably be viewed from a distance and in half light! ahahahahahahaha, sad but true I'm afraid. But the tunic style shirt itself is gorgeous, it's chiffon and really very comfy, plus it can be dressed up for the evening with high shoes and a few accessories or as I'm wearing it here with pleather leggings and boots.

Above I've taken a small selection of the florals on offer on the high street. I personally love florals on a dark background. (In fact my bridesmaids were in exactly that, much to my mums dismay, 21 years ago everyone seemed to think that bridesmaids had to be in sickly pastels, which meant I couldn't find anything I liked but luckily for me my mum can do anything so she mum made them.)

This blog has been very Next heavy but they have some great clothes in right now. These jeans were heavenly on. The 4 way stretch hugged you in all the right places. I needed to go up a size though, I'm not sure if that was because of my stoma or because I'm struggling to get rid of my christmas weight hahahahahahahahaha...  

*They're not going to thank me for this one but couldn't resist, and seeing as this blog has been very floral themed - my gorgeous bridesmaids Belle and Charlie at their full dress rehearsal circa Feb 1996.  

I wish you a very happy spring shopping spree.