Twice as nice

I am very lucky that I get to go to all sorts of lovely places, more often than not it's through my husband's work. Last week alone was exceptionally busy, we went to The Savoy for dinner - twice. Not the greatest bit of planning on our part but not the worst problem I've ever had either. Plus there were other nights out for dinner last week too. I do appreciate how lucky I am and it couldn't be further from what I imagined life after a stoma was going to be in all honesty, this life doesn't in any way resemble that!

I remember very well when my surgeon explained that part of my treatment would be a permanent colostomy after I finished the chemo and radiotherapy. Stunned trauma doesn't seem to cover it nearly enough but it was along those lines. I remember thinking "if I get through this, if I survive, I'll never be able to go out again" I honestly believed that I would only be conversersing with my friends via the telephone or text messages. I couldn't see myself EVER being able to to cope with having a 'bag', I thought it sounded revolting, disgusting in fact.

Nothing could have been further from the reality, it took a little while to gain my confidence in social situations but once I got it back there's been no stopping me. I've said many times before - Is it ideal? no, of course not. But does it beat the alternative? absolutely!! Will it stop me living my life to the full? Errrr, no, not so far! ;)

I certainly couldn't have foreseen being so comfortable with it that I'm out for dinner 5 nights a week. In fairness though that was a very unusual week, even for us, but so much fun.

The second trip of the week to The Savoy came on Saturday night. My husband booked it to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our vow renewal. We've been married over 20 years but as a plan to motivate me to get well my husband asked me to remarry him while I was very poorly in hospital. We renewed our marriage vows on the 23rd July 2011, a year after my op. It was one of the best days of my life, it was a very special day. It really did draw a line after all the ill health and to celebrate the hopes we had for a happy, healthy future.

We had a fantastic night Saturday, we went to Kaspers at The Savoy, we'd not been to this restaurant before as we usually go to The Grill. The food was amazing as was the company. I'm always blown away by how lucky we got as a family to have come through all of our traumas. I think maybe that's why I don't have down days, I'm still high on gratitude.

I chose this dress based on what fitted at the time, eating out a lot does tend to take its toll on the waistline, but I don't sweat the small stuff these days, weight is fluid, it goes up and it can certainly come back down again with a few adjustments. 

I needed a dress that I could eat comfortably and confidently in, this dress works really well, even though it's flat fronted (not an ideal style for me, unless its very baggy). I find the pattern is just enough to disrupt the eye line from the edges of the bag and contents alike.  Also it's dressy enough without ending up looking like an extra from Dynasty. It's not somewhere you need to get overly dolled up.

If eating out is a cause for concern due to liquid output (I totally understand that), you could try some Morform, I've mentioned it a few times before on my blog. I don't use it as I have a colostomy but I believe it's revolutionary for ileostomites and hopefully just the thing to give you confidence.

Dress From White Stuff, Bag and Shoes Chanel

Dress From White Stuff, Bag and Shoes Chanel

23rd July 2011

23rd July 2011

*can I just add a quick thank you to you for reading my blogs. I'm very touched that anyone thinks they're worth reading. I'll keep plodding along as long as you're willing to read them. thank you. Suzanne x