happy valley

Theme parks are fantastic, even for me, the biggest coward on the planet, I'm not a rider, I get my joy there from watching other people loving the thrills on rides, my ideas of white knuckle is the PeterPan ride! I go in the capacity of trip photographer and walking cloakroom. 

Fun though they may be they are very long days, which is very daunting for me, it means I expect a lot from my stoma bag. There is a general underlying feeling of fear it could fail in some capacity, therefore finding the right outfit is very important.  I don't find dresses suitable, just in case I ever do get tempted to go on a ride, as highly unlikely as that may be, dresses just wouldn't do.

For my most recent trip away I took a very large selection of clothes and bags, firstly I like choice and secondly it meant I had plenty of back up plans to choose from.

We drove to Paris, which means I could take an unlimited supply of bags and clothes, I find that very reassuring, besides it means you can stock up on duty free on the way home, its a win win.

My fave theme park is DisneyLand Paris, you can't fail to feel the intense joy there. Its got to be the front runner as the happiest place on earth, age is no boundary for the enjoyment. On our most recent trip there I had no contact with the outside world for the entire 4 days, I switched off my phone as I had no wifi, it was an amazing experience to be fully submerged with no world news to drag you down (other theme parks area available but the magic of Disney is pretty hard to beat).

JEANS Eden jeggings from Dorothy Perkins, TOP from Ralph Lauren, CARDIGAN from Ralph Lauren, BOOTS from UGG, RUCKSACK from Longchamp

LEATHER LOOK LEGGINGS from Next, COAT from Moncler ,BOOTS from Barbour, SONS - home made by me :)

I may not ride but I find my bliss no problem!