shorts illustrated

As with trousers and skirts, shorts are a foundation, if I get that bit right I'm set for the day! I did have a few shorts that I loved from before my op that I had hoped would work, but the position of the waistband cut straight across my stoma and one pair were so short and floaty that the bag peaked below the hem line when I sat down, I'd guess that was less than ideal in most peoples book. 

The high street offers so much, I love Dorothy Perkins for their Eden jeggings but equally some of their shorts fit so nicely with the waistband in the perfect position. In fact with all of my shorts I have never had to resort to wearing a convex bag to give me confidence. The shape and style allows the stoma to flow. 

Believe when I say I need that! I don't have a problem as to what I can eat now, I hardly think an upset tummy matters as I'm wearing a bag, its not like I have to dash to find a loo. What I suffer with is portion control ;) . I had so many years before I was diagnosed with cancer that I couldn't hold anything in that now that issue is resolved I'm having a renaissance with food, which basically translates to I'm over indulging but loving it! I think I nearly ate my body weight in Pierogi in Poland last year!

I allow myself to indulge a bit and then I get back on to Slimming World to calm down a bit. I've seen the worst that can happen to people and to some degree I've personally experienced it too, so a bit of weight fluctuation is an irrelevance. I'm not a model, I'm a house wife, my body isn't my work tool, its my shell. 


SHORTS - Dorothy Perkins  TOP - Lacoste   SHOES - Salvatore Ferragamo 

TOP & SHORTS - Ralph Lauren    SHOES - as above

TOP - Mulberry   SHORTS - Ralph Lauren   SHOES - Jimmy Choo